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Haycarb expands activated carbon biz with Thailand JV buying new unit for Rs. 500 m

Posted on the September 21st, 2012 under News by

Haycarb Plc Group has expanded its activated carbon manufacturing capacity by 10% with the acquisition of a new  facility in Thailand.
The company said its 50:50 joint venture in Thailand, Carbokarn Company, has acquired a 100% stake in Shizuka Company Ltd., which owns an activated carbon manufacturing facility located in Ratchaburi Province in Thailand.

The investment is estimated to be around $ 4 million (over Rs. 520 million).
 A subsidiary of Hayleys Plc, Haycarb is world’s largest producer of coconut shell-based activated carbon with manufacturing operations in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia supported by marketing offices in the UK, Australia and USA.
It produces standard, washed and impregnated carbons in granular, pellet, and powder form.
In the first quarter of FY13, Haycarb PLC made a solid start with the expansion of the company’s value added carbon portfolio generating revenue and profit growth.
The company reported that revenue grew  to Rs. 2.7 billion in the three months ending 30 June 2012, while profit before tax improved  to Rs. 259.8 million.
Net profit recorded for the quarter was Rs. 217 million, out of which profit attributable to equity holders of the company was Rs. 179 million.
In comments released along with interim results, Haycarb PLC Managing Director Rajitha Kariyawasan said the company had increased its value added carbon segment and run factories at full capacity in the period under review. The decrease in charcoal prices in Sri Lanka and Indonesia had also helped temporarily to improve margins.
However, the benefit of the reduced charcoal prices had been passed on to customers, and the raw material prices could move up when major producers such as India, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka move into the lean production season, Kariyawasan cautioned. “Haycarb will continue its strategy of investing in charcoal inventory with a significant funding in working capital to ensure supply security and building stable relationships with the supply chain,” he added.
“The continuing economic slowdown and stagnation in our European, Japanese and US markets will also result in a drop in demand for certain types of carbon,” he said. “Therefore we have to be cautious about the months ahead.”
A significant increase in cost due to last year’s sharp oil price revision and substantial increase in labour cost and overheads will also impact margins, he said. If the Sri Lanka Rupee and other Asian currencies stabilise at or below current levels, the company would be able to mitigate these impacts.
“Our plans for capacity expansions and further value additions coupled with geographic market expansions are expected to achieve the growth targets set by the company,” Kariyawasan said.


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Haycarb expands activated carbon biz with Thailand JV buying new unit for Rs. 500 m

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