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The ASPI continued its positive run

Posted on the September 6th, 2012 under Market Reports by

  • The ASPI continued its positive run for the 7th consecutive day while the MPI ended marginally lower. Turnover reached Rs.940mn as retailers continued to remain active in the market. Foreigners were net sellers for the day while foreign participation accounted for 10% of the day’s turnover.
  • All Share Price Index gained by 0.8% to close at 5372 while the liquid Milanka Price Index declined by 0.2% to end the day at 4971.
  • Volumes decreased by 10.1% to 160mn, whilst turnover decreased by 24.1% to Rs.941m.
  • The gainers list was led by S M B Leasing [X] and Good Hope while CIT and Lighthouse Hotel led the Losers.
  • Free Lanka topped the turnover list with Rs.87m to the day’s turnover whilst S M B Leasing [Non Voting] dominated the volume list with 29m shares.
  • A total of Rs.28mn net FII outflow was witnessed for the day.

Download the full report (PDF, 465KB)

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