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The Colombo bourse ended marginally lower

Posted on the September 12th, 2012 under Market Reports by

The Colombo bourse ended marginally lower over yesterdays’ close as investors decided to realize profits. The broader market index, the All Share Price Index (ASPI) ended the day at 5,590.90 points witnessing a trivial drop of 0.02% (1.13 points), while the more liquid, Milanka Price Index (MPI) fell by 0.55% (29.12 points) to end the day at 5,219.72 points. The S&P SL 20 Index rose by 0.49% (14.73 points) to end at 3,041.23 points.

Market turnover improved to LKR 1,991.91 Mn over a volume of 140.15 Mn shares. The top turnover generators for the day were HVA Foods PLC (HVA), Serendib Hotels PLC (SHOT), Citrus Leisure PLC (REEF), Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC non voting (COMB.X), and Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC (PABC). These counters accounted for 32% of the total market turnover. HVA foods PLC witnessed continued investor interest. The counter ended the day as the highest turnover generator.

HVA generated a turnover of LKR 194.20 Mn over a volume of 10 Mn shares. The counter traded at a low of LKR 18.20 and a high of LKR 20.00 before ending the day at LKR 19.00 gaining 7.34% (LKR 1.30) over yesterdays’ close.

Serendib Hotels PLC (SHOT) generated a turnover of LKR 154.67 Mn over a volume of 6.7 Mn shares. SHOT witnessed an increase of 4.76% (LKR 1.10) over the previous close.

REEF traded actively today generating a turnover of LKR 146.16 Mn. The counter rose by 8.28% (LKR 2.60) to end the day at 34.00. A crossing of 700 K shares of REEF took place at a price of LKR.35.30.

PABC witnessed a solitary crossing consisting of 3 Mn shares at a price of LKR 22.00. The counter generated a total turnover of LKR 83.69 Mn.

Foreigners ended the day as net buyers with foreign purchases worth of LKR 334.53 Mn against foreign sales worth of LKR 86.81Mn resulting in a net inflow of LKR 247.72 Mn.

Download the full report (PDF, 171KB)

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