(CSW) is now the leading source of online investment information on companies listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. CSW now provides more information and more tools for investors than any other free information source in Sri Lanka. Both retail and institutional investors are increasingly using CSW to obtain investment information due to the vast amount of content available, ease of use and advanced filtering capability.


What is Investor Relations?

Investor relations is the term used to describe the ongoing activity of companies communicating with the investment community. While the communication that quoted companies undertake is a mix of regulatory and voluntary activities, investor relations is essentially the part of stock market life that sees companies interacting with existing shareholders, potential investors, analysts and journalists.


Why commit to investor relations?

Fundamentally, the remit of investor relations is not only to create an awareness and understanding of your company amongst the investment community, it is also to help quoted companies gain access to capital and achieve liquidity in, and fair valuation for their shares.


Access to capital

The ability to raise capital and the ease with which that capital is raised are often seen as key measures as to how successful a company’s investor relations efforts are. Entering into a dialogue and developing relationships with the investment community over time so that its participants become cognisant with the company and its investment proposition is generally seen as a worthwhile exercise when trying to achieve efficient, cost-effective access to capital.



One of the outcomes quoted companies aim for from their investor relations activities is to attract liquidity – frequency of trading in their shares. Profiling and explaining the company to the investment community on a continual basis can assist in creating greater awareness of a company. Depending on the availability of shares, this can then assist a company in attracting pools of buyers and sellers and the potential for higher frequency in the trading of its shares.


Fair valuation

Similarly, one of the other main goals of investor relations is for a company to achieve a fair market valuation, ultimately reflected in the share price, by managing expectations in relation to the company’s current and future performance. Communicating to and with the investment community will enable a company to detail its own record of its performance and its strategy using publicly disclosed information.


Your Investor Relations info on CSW

You invest a significant amount of funds with the relevant publisher to come up with your Annual Report. However, much of the investment community does not have access to the key information it provides as there is no summarization of critical information provided anywhere. CSW now provides a comprehensive and highly accessible platform to provide this information to the investment community who are ready to invest on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

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