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  • 100 Bridges Complete To Narrow Village, Town Gap
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 19:20:03 +0000 - The first phase of building 210 bridges under a programme to construct 1,210 rural bridges island-wide is progressing steadily, while work on 100 such bridges has been fully completed. These bridges will reduce the gap between towns and villages thus opening the doors for rapid rural development. The bridges, once completed, will benefit over six [... read more
  • Challenges In HR Issues Discussed
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 19:05:10 +0000 - Consolidation of Financial Institutions Challenges in the Human Resource Management front were discussed in detail, especially in terms of managing a scenario of excessive resources, the prevention of key talent loss and governance at a recent knowledge sharing event themed ‘The Way Forward’, focusing on the proposed Consolidation of Fi... read more
  • BRICS Nations To Create $100 Billion Development Bank
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 19:03:45 +0000 - The leaders of the five BRICS countries have signed a deal to create a new $100 billion (£58.3 billion) development bank and emergency reserve fund. The BRICS group is made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The capital for the bank will be split equally among the five participating countries. The bank [...]read more
  • Rankin Calls For ‘One-Stop-Shop’
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 19:02:55 +0000 - Sri Lankan authorities should establish a ‘One Stop Shop’ for investors together with increased transparency, more open tendering, a reduction in red tape, and respect for the rule of law, said John Rankin, High Commissioner for UK in Sri Lanka recently in Colombo. Noting that the trade and investment relationship between Sri Lanka and ... read more
  • Best Corporate Citizens Sustainability Awards In November
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 19:02:52 +0000 - The ceremony for the ‘Best Corporate Citizens Sustainability Award 2014’ is scheduled to be held in November and the Chamber invites corporates in the private and public sector to participate in the competition. Applications will close on September 12, 2014. Both public quoted and privately owned corporate entities took part in the rece... read more
  • CEOs Forum To Discuss ‘Biz Environment’ At Economic Summit
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 19:01:04 +0000 - The upcoming Sri Lanka Economic Summit will line up some of Sri Lanka’s top corporate executives to take part in a CEOs Forum to discuss the conduciveness of the country’s business environment to innovation and growth. The renowned group of local corporate executives will sit on the 8th and the final session of the Sri [...]read more
  • PBJ, Cabraal To Speak On Policy Implementation
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 19:00:03 +0000 - Dr P. B. Jayasundera, Secretary to the Treasury, Ministry of Finance and Planning, and Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Governor of the Central Bank will speak on ‘National Vision: Policy Implementation Perspective,’ at the upcoming Sri Lanka Economic Summit. The two topmost authorities will take the stage during the first session of the upcoming ... read more
  • Jegan Takes Over From Ravi Dias At Com Bank
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 18:59:41 +0000 - Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC has announced the appointment of career banker Jegan Durairatnam as the Bank’s Managing Director and CEO effective July 17, 2014, on the retirement of the incumbent Ravi Dias. Durairatnam is currently Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Bank. A senior member of Commercial Bank’s corporate ... read more
  • Feted For Service To Polymer Industry
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 18:58:12 +0000 - Kaushal Rajapaksa, Chairman/Managing Director, Kalhari Group of Companies, received the Plastics and Rubber Institute’s prestigious Merit Award for his significant contribution towards the development and growth of Sri Lanka’s Polymer Industry. Kaushal (L) receiving the award from Dr B. M. S. Batagoda, Deputy Secretary to the Treasury a... read more
  • Eardley Perera Appointed To United Motors Board
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 18:57:40 +0000 - United Motors Lanka PLC announced the appointment of Eardley Perera as a Director of the company with effect from end May 2014. Eardly Perera is a Chartered Marketer and a Graduate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK, with over 40 years of experience in management.  He has undergone management training in Sweden, UK, South [...]read more



  • Trading Tuesday
    Sri Lanka stocks close up 0.6-pct
  • Textile Investment
    Ceylon Leather Products invests Rs306mn in Sri Lanka textile mill
  • Largess
    Australian mogul Packer gives away $188 million
  • Key Speaker
    Boston Consulting India chief at Sri Lanka forum
  • Consolidation
    Sri Lanka's DDFC to acquire George Steuart Finance
  • Insurance Rating
    Sri Lanka's Asian Alliance Insurance 'B' rating confirmed
  • Growth Target
    Panama eyes seven percent growth
  • Grand Plan
    Cricket: South Africa aim to end Sri Lanka series jinx
  • Board Appointment
    Aravinda Perera appointed director of Sri Lanka's stock exchange
  • Wrangle
    Dutch experts inspect Ukraine crash bodies
  • Credit Trend
    Sri Lanka bank credit subdued in May: data
  • Trading Monday
    Sri Lanka stocks close up 0.5-pct
  • First Test
    Cricket: Sangakkara keeps alive Sri Lanka victory dream
  • Pow Wow
    UN Security Council opens urgent talks on Gaza
  • Evidence Search
    Putin vows to cooperate as blame for MH17 crash piles on Russia
  • Airport Assault
    Islamists mount 'heaviest' assault on Libya airport
  • Hydro Power
    Sri Lanka 30MW hydro plant financed by ADB; protection for endangered fish
  • Decisive Defeat
    Cricket: Steyn stars in big South Africa win
  • Cold Data
    Finland cashes in on cold by luring data storage firms
  • Sentenced
    Sri Lanka jails killers of British tourist




  • View From Sri <b>Lanka</b>: Jaitley-Modi Populist Budget Promises <b>...</b>
    Mon, 21 Jul 2014 18:20:58 +0000 - While I agree that there will be pro-business changes, I opine that a major transformation of the Indian economy is not at hand . . . Modi-BJP will retain the mixed-economy. There will be some change but a 180-degree policy ...
  • THE BIG PICTURE | Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Magazine - LMD
    Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:58:44 +0000 - A dastardly mastermind of a cowardly terrorist regime may have been laid to rest by the gallant armed forces of our land, but tiny midge-like flies are raging a new war that is making the headlines, yet again.
  • Sri <b>Lanka</b> in &#39;Coast to Coast&#39; adventure tourism push | Embassy of <b>...</b>
    Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:18:00 +0000 - Lanka Business Online. 03 Jun, 2014. Sri Lanka national carrier and Lanka Sportreizen, a travel firm is planning an annual cross-country adventure tournament in an effort to boost tourism in the country, officials said. “We like ...
  • Rs. 26m Janashakthi cover to Sirasa Superstars - <b>Lanka Business</b> <b>...</b>
    Mon, 21 Jul 2014 06:25:15 +0000 - Janashakthi Insurance has consistently stepped forward to provide a sound financial protection to the dependents of leading young emerging artists in Sri Lanka as part of their commitment to youth development. ... The ASPI has crossed the 6600 point mark and the S&P SL20 was recently at the highest since its launch, indicating that the stock market is now on an upward turn based on valuations and fundamentals,” says CSE's Head of Market Development Niroshan ...
  • CURRENCY TRADE | Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Magazine - LMD
    Mon, 21 Jul 2014 04:57:29 +0000 - The yen strengthened in Asia Monday as investors sought out lower-risk investments as a hedge against geopolitical uncertainty fuelled by the MH17 tragedy and Israel's ground offensive in Gaza, analysts said.
  • <b>Stock Market</b> Review – 18th July 2014 | Adaderana Biz English | Sri <b>...</b>
    Sat, 19 Jul 2014 08:43:42 +0000 - Colombo stock market wrapped the weekly operations in opposite directions where main bourse witnessed marginal returns with turnover crossing LKR 1bn mark. ... Adaderana Biz English | Sri Lanka Business News.
  • SIN CITY | Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Magazine - LMD
    Fri, 18 Jul 2014 08:33:15 +0000 - From the minute you land at McCarran International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas, and glide into your stretch limo en route to the Las Vegas Strip, you know the next few days in Sin City are going to be hair-raising. Iconic gaming ...
  • Time to shake up Sri <b>Lanka&#39;s</b> “<b>business</b> as usual” with India
    Fri, 18 Jul 2014 06:05:00 +0000 - But seeing the dynamic new Indian prime minister's keenness to build better relations with India's neighbours, Rajapaksa seems to have decided that it would be business as usual for Sri Lanka while dealing with India.
  • OIL MARKETS | Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Magazine - LMD
    Fri, 18 Jul 2014 05:35:57 +0000 - Oil prices rose in Asia on Friday after a Malaysia Airlines plane came down in war-ravaged Ukraine and Israel launched a ground offensive into Gaza, sparking fears about tensions in the crude-rich Middle East.
  • <b>Stock Market</b> Review – 17th July 2014 | Adaderana Biz English | Sri <b>...</b>
    Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:54:19 +0000 - ... Analysis · Features · Contact Us · සිංහල · Adaderana Biz English | Sri Lanka Business News · Top News; Stock Market Review – 17th July 2014 ... Price declined in counters such as Sri Lanka Telecom (closed at LKR 55.00, -2.1%), Lion Brewery (closed at LKR 659.90, -2.1%) and Bukit Darah (closed at LKR 690.00, -1.4%) contributed adversely to the index performance. Daily market turnover was LKR 926mn. John Keells Holdings (LKR 279mn) positioned top at the turnover list  ...
  • HATTON NATIONAL BANK | Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Magazine - LMD
    Thu, 17 Jul 2014 07:30:19 +0000 - Hatton National Bank (HNB) recorded achievements at two featured events of the National HR Conference. Considered to be South Asia's largest HR event, the National HR Conference was organised by the Institute of ...
  • BREAKBONE FEVER | Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Magazine - LMD
    Thu, 17 Jul 2014 04:02:12 +0000 - In spite of all the clean-up operations, improved garbage disposal, chemical spraying and surveillance of mosquito breeding places, 20866 suspected dengue cases have been reported to the Health Ministry's Epidemiology ...
  • Onlanka News - Dutch assistance to boost Sri <b>Lanka economy</b> «
    Thu, 17 Jul 2014 02:57:45 +0000 - Onlanka News - Sri Lanka : » Dutch assistance to boost Sri Lanka economy « - Read Full story at Onlanka News Web - Latest Sri Lanka News Alert on Internet.
  • Sri <b>Lanka&#39;s</b> first-ever Medical Reference Laboratory launched by <b>...</b>
    Wed, 16 Jul 2014 16:24:49 +0000 - Sri Lanka's leading healthcare service provider, Lanka Hospitals launched its revolutionary offering, a Medical Reference Laboratory today (16July). ... Adaderana Biz English | Sri Lanka Business News .... Stock Market ...
  • Comment on - Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Magazine
    Wed, 16 Jul 2014 08:42:08 +0000 - Deshraam Ramachandran, Director of Kottuville, speaks to us about Sri Lanka's only food truck brand, as well as what it takes to be in a start-up business.
  • CITY LANDMARK | Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Magazine - LMD
    Tue, 15 Jul 2014 04:55:56 +0000 - The total renovation of the former Auditor General's Building in Colombo 7 presented yet another iconic addition to the city's beautification process and infrastructure development.
  • Fixed Deposit Bond from <b>Lanka</b> ORIX Finance - <b>Lanka Business</b> <b>...</b>
    Sun, 13 Jul 2014 02:08:50 +0000 - July 13, 2014 (LBT) - Being true to its innovative spirit, Lanka ORIX Finance PLC (LOFC) recently became the first in the non-bank financial services sector to introduce a trailblazing new investment product named “Fixed ... Despite the absence of similar programmes in Sri Lanka, countries worldwide have achieved successful economic returns through carbon credit auditing, which in turn provides the encouragement a country needs to propagate a green economy.
  • Sri <b>Lanka</b>: Export Powerhouse? | The Diplomat
    Thu, 10 Jul 2014 11:50:13 +0000 - ... the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, as well as a foreigners-only “entertainment island,” will broaden the region's appeal as a business and tourism hub, the opening of an extended Southern Expressway on March 15 and the ... Though growth in Sri Lanka's postwar economy has, on paper, been stunning, much of it is predicated on massive public investment enabled through large-scale borrowing, making the profitability of the venture of vital concern to the ...
  • 3rd Swiss Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> and Investment Forum 2014 | DailyFT <b>...</b>
    Mon, 30 Jun 2014 19:20:50 +0000 - The presentation on the investment opportunities in the Sri Lanka stock market was made by Vajira Kuletileka, the incumbent Chairman of the Colombo Stock Exchange. He explained that the outperformance of the ASPI ...
  • Lankan Embassy in Israel on “Israel-Sri <b>Lanka Business</b> Forum”
    Sat, 21 Jun 2014 10:08:00 +0000 - “Economy in the New World Order” Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank. • Networking and Business meetings with Israeli companies and entrepreneurs. • Afternoon Site visits. o Holon Institute of ...

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